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Select Harvest USA made the ultimate commitment to food quality and safety in 2010. We set our goals for a five year timetable to achieve them. In May 2014, one full year ahead of schedule, Select harvest USA earned the SQF Level 3 Certification, the highest rating possible for a food manufacturing company.

In 2013, Select Harvest USA made another commitment – To become the BEST provider of branded and private label retail nut and nut mix products by 2020. Select Harvest USA is constructing an ultra-modern dry roasting, seasoning and retail packaging facility. We will build our own brand domestically and abroad. And, equally important is partnering with companies to meet their private label needs. The combination of SQF certification and retail production and packaging separate Select Harvest USA from most other almond processors in our industry, improving profitability and grower return.

Where is my food coming from?

Competitive retailers are answering this question by partnering with direct farm-to-retail suppliers like Select Harvest. The dedicated team at Select Harvest is helping retailers of every size bring high quality custom snack foods to market faster than ever before. By offering consumers the transparency they crave with the delicious almonds they love in eye-catching packaging, retailers are enjoying huge success with Select Harvest.

Select Harvest offers partners several options:

Private label brands are growing at the same rate as the popularity of snaking almonds. Select Harvest understands these two powerful trends, so it helps retailers develop, package and bring their private label almond products to market. Its dedicated team has deep expertise in getting the best almonds directly from growers to your valued customers. Go to the source with Select Harvest USA.

  • Private Label/Store Brand Product Development
  • Customized Packaging Options
  • Expert Packaging Development
  • EDI

For retailers, having multiple suppliers can be difficult. Select Harvest works closely with them to provide an astounding level of service. It starts when the team sits down to understand a retailer’s needs and requirements, distribution challenges, and packaging ideas. Select Harvest is completely focused on getting each and every detail correct when it comes to bringing a new product line to the shelf.

Vertical integration allows Select Harvest to execute quickly. We aren’t out there trying to secure product for the retailer, we grow it. We provide total transparency, flexibility and continuous improvement of our processes to offer the best snacking almonds on the market. Period. Grow with us!


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Packaging Development

Select Harvest offers a complete turnkey solution for your custom retail needs. We provide packaging and corrugate design capabilities, dieline development, and artwork and packaging management.  We can offer a variety of flexible packaging from resealable standup pouch, gusset pillow to flat pillow and peg bags in multiple sizes from 1 oz. to 48 oz.