Quality First Growers

It’s impossible to offer a consistently high-quality product to our valued customers without a consistently high-quality supply. That’s why we at Select Harvest USA believe so strongly in nurturing relationships with our dedicated growers throughout the state. The total almond supply of Select Harvest USA ranks among the top ten handlers in the State of California. By purchasing from all the growing regions in California, Select Harvest USA can assure the highest quality of our overall volume, regardless of regional crop performance.

This supply diversity protects our customers against any adverse weather conditions in the state. There is a better than average water availability in the north and central California, which is why the bulk of the total Select Harvest USA product stems from those locations. Our primary supply is also supplemented with outside trade sources to achieve the desired type and quantity of all almond varieties.

All Select Harvest USA growers are subject to a premium/penalty quality schedule that rewards good quality nuts and ensures our customers always receive the highest quality product.

Sustainable Farming Practices

Buyers and consumers are driving sustainability by asking for evidence that California Almonds are grown and processed with sustainable practices. And growers, huller/shellers, and handlers are responding by assessing management practices through the California Almond Sustainability Program (CASP).

Through the CASP online portal, SustainableAlmondGrowing.org, growers, and processors can complete self-assessment modules and learn about alternative and best management practices. Of the eight modules, six address management issues for huller/shellers and handlers as well as growers.

Quality and Safety

We believe that operating with the highest levels of safety create the highest quality products. To this end, we make sure to meet the most rigorous safety and quality requirements. We are SQF level 3 certified and distribute almonds to 55 countries throughout the world.

Select Harvest specializes in confectioner grade almonds, which requires no more than one piece of foreign material per 500 pounds. We meet this quality specification by following best manufacturing practices and keeping a highly trained quality assurance team. Through our rigorous efforts, Select Harvest has always received a 98% or greater on all inspections.